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a lightning fast sticky note web application filled with smart features
online note taking made simple
your online sticky notes guru
it may be the easiest way to take notes online
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a new competitor for Google Notebook
cool-looking and easy-to-use service

About us

What is this?

Jjot is a simple, lightweight website for jotting down notes. You can use it to take down class or meeting notes, reminders, or Internet research. You can access your notes from any computer by visiting, and easily share and email notes to other people.

Who's behind it?

Jjot is founded by Phil Crosby and David Renie. The Jjot team likes to build software that's wicked fast and dead simple to use.

Jjot was designed and built to be as straight forward as possible. There's no extra junk to think about: it looks like a page of paper notes, and does exactly what you'd expect -- you can write stuff down in them. The team spent an obsessive amount of time making sure it was both rich and fast. Life is short; there's no time to waste on slow applications.

Jjot is built on advanced ninja technologies

Here are two of them:

  • A slim, powerful, dairy-driven Javascript framework called Mootools.
  • Amazon's giant computer network (EC2 & S3).


Please email us about feedback, questions, bugs, teaming up, investment, or just tell us your favorite animal.